Management Team

Dr. Enas Hussein


Mrs. Enas Hussein, a renowned businesswoman, and the company’s CEO, is in charge of Comked. Possessing a Ph.D. in Business and more than 26 years of managerial experience, Mrs. Enas brings vision and expertise to the management team.

Mrs. Enas has demonstrated her strategic insight and dedication to excellence by playing crucial roles in several projects. She is the main force behind Comked and is in charge of the creation and implementation of both short- and long-term business plans. Among her many duties are asset management, creating work schedules, and making sure company policies are carried out smoothly.

As part of her job, Mrs. Enas actively hires important employees and creates eye-catching marketing collateral. As a strategic leader, she conducts competitive analyses, pinpoints sources of income, and works with industry experts to provide advice. Beyond the boardroom, Mrs. Enas actively oversees the sales and marketing staff to guarantee client satisfaction.

Mrs. Enas is leading Comked toward a future where community-driven on-demand home services redefine the online service landscape. She is dedicated to transparency and growth. Under her direction, Comked has the potential to significantly improve community connections, build user trust, and offer creative solutions.